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Intensive Law Enforcement Training

Law Enforcement Training

Robby Robinson at LAW ENFORCEMENT SOLUTION offers consulting nationwide that is designed to help law enforcement officers better understand gangs and to equip them with the knowledge of probation procedures and tactics. In addition, Robby offers workshops for educators and social workers to better understand the problems that they deal with. He then uses this knowledge and his experience to give them an in-depth look at how to handle gang problems.

The workshop will focus on connecting and collaborating with school police, probation officers, school counselors and psychologists to debrief and discuss ongoing issues or events that may have recently occurred. This includes contacting probation officers to receive updates on probationers' court appearances, conditions of probation, and to also inform school police and probation about any changes in attendance or behavior. Identifying new gang members and their affiliation with criminal activity in the community is crucial to the collaborative approach.

The training workshop aims to help law enforcement officers understand and deal with gang issues. It will focus on a collaborative approach that combines the efforts of law enforcement and school officials to combat the increasing rise of gang membership.

Training Workshop

Understanding Gang Culture In Communities: A Collaborative Approach 

When law enforcement agencies and school and community based programs are combined, the results can be successfully measured.  Understanding the Gang Culture in a collaborative effort can help various agencies work together to implement effective methods that focus on prevention, intervention, and suppression. The process of joining forces can be challenging at times because the structure of gang culture is constantly changing. These factors include; new gang leadership (as a result of incarceration or death) gang relocation, and an increase of sophisticated gang activity.  In addition to these challenges, there are often misconceptions of how each of these agencies operate or a lack of understanding on how policies and procedures are implemented. Even though they are working toward the same goal.

The session will provide the participant with a greater understanding of the power and influence of street gangs in the community and school setting. There are several factors that the participant needs to understand about gangs:

• The Power of Gangs to motivate and directly sanction criminal activity through intimidation to gain control.
• Criminal activity in the company of one another creating a culture and subculture unknown to the layman. 
• School and communities become fearful and are unwilling to assist law enforcement in the apprehension.

The collaborative understanding and approach will help bridge the gap of differences between the agencies in order to deal effectively with the ongoing gang issue.



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About Us

Robby Robinson has provided police training to many agencies and has developed an efficient method to make law enforcement officials understand gang violence issues. His knowledge is drawn from his own life experiences. He grew up in a big city and saw firsthand many of the problems that law enforcement and probation officers struggled with. He was a product of social services, where he witnessed and observed the crime that surrounded him. Seeing the problems his neighborhood was facing inspired him to become a probation officer. Once appointed, he took advantage of his position to help at-risk youth and adult gang members in urban cities and rural locations.



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