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Robby's Background

LAW ENFORCEMENT SOLUTION was started by Robby Robinson in Santa Clarita, California and has branched into a nationwide service, as a way to pass on his knowledge and experience to other law enforcement officers. For over 30 years, he has worked as a Deputy Probation Officer II for the Los Angeles County Probation Department. During his time there, he gained extensive knowledge on gang-related issues. He focused on the activities of Black and Latin street gangs in the Los Angeles and San Fernando area.

Robby Robinson

Robby's extensive field experience has established him as a key figure regarding the climate of gang activity. His street involvement has also enabled him to understand a broad range of gang terminology and to identify gang paraphernalia, as well as deal with hard core gang members.

Due to his firsthand knowledge, Robby has earned recognition as a noted speaker on issues related to gang culture and the increase of gang membership and activity. For more than 10 years, he has been a recurring speaker for the NCJFCJ (National Council of Juvenile and Family Courts Judges). He has addressed the current policies affecting gang suppression, intervention, and prevention.

Robby Robinson's ongoing contact with San Fernando Valley gangs has afforded him the opportunity to testify before the Senate Subcommittee on Gang Violence in Communities and Schools. He has conducted roll call training for law enforcement agencies and has assisted them with the major weapons confiscations and murder investigations that were associated with the Blythe Street Gangs.

He also served as a Deputy Probation Officer II in the SEO (Special Enforcement Operations) Gang Metro Unit. This is a specialized armed unit that pursues high profile cases. During this time, Robby was directly involved with several law enforcement agencies, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, and The District and City Attorney's Office. His duties included the supervision of hard core gang members as well as individuals involved with extortion and high-tech crimes.

During his time as a probation officer, Robby was responsible for assisting in the arrests, tracking the whereabouts, and documenting the actions of juvenile and adult offenders. He also would pursue probationers for warrant violations and failures to appear in court. As part of his everyday responsibilities, he placed probation holds on offenders for crimes ranging from robbery and drug offenses to hostage situations, murder, and rape.

While he was working as a probation officer, Robby conducted ongoing gang sweeps and special operations with various law enforcement officials including city, county, and state entities. He was involved in search and seizure operations with the use of surveillance equipment. He monitored probationers through the Justice Data Interface Controller (JDIC), Police Performance Solutions (PPS), and IMBS law enforcement tracking systems.

Robby Robinson in Police Gear

Robby has assisted law enforcement agencies with the arrest of violators by obtaining police reports and interviewing potential witnesses and victims. He was responsible for providing referrals for community outreach programs and rehabilitation services. He has worked LAPD crimes and narcotics, LAPD Gun Unit, and LAPD Van Nuys. In addition He has testified before the Senate Sub-Committee on the effects of street gangs in the community.

More About Robby

Robby's work has been featured in a number of articles. You can read more about him in LA Times, Eurweb, and Our Weekly.