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Professional Law Enforcement Training

Robby Robinson, at LAW ENFORCEMENT SOLUTION, aims to help law enforcement officers understand gang culture and how to differentiate between gang issues and gang problems. Working with Robby will give organizations and individuals a better understanding of gang culture and activity, as it relates to police and probation.

Gangs are only one facet of the law enforcement training Robby provides. Robby will also talk about his experiences in the LAPD, the LA County Sheriff's Office, and working with detective bureaus on a variety of crimes, such as:

• Murder • Robbery • Domestic Violence • Extortion

 Robby is a dynamic, engaging, and informative speaker. He makes the subject matter come alive, relatable, and makes it easy to follow.

Vancouver Symposium

Law Enforcement Workshop

The workshop will focus on a collaborative approach, where law enforcement and school officials work together to combat the increasing rise of gang membership. This is an ongoing dilemma in the community. People in the neighborhood and in school settings are at a disadvantage because their knowledge of gangs is limited. Also, there are people in the community who benefit and profit because of their affiliation with the gangster lifestyle. The workshop goes into detail about how to stop these people.

If law enforcement and school officials have knowledge of the hierarchy that exists within the gangs, they will understand which gang members can be placed in prevention and intervention programs. The objectives outlined in the workshop will show people how to identify and deal with gang problems. Our learning objectives include:

• Detail the Levels of Gang Membership
• Explain the Importance of Collaboration Between the Different Law Enforcement Entities
• Discuss Understanding the Difference Between Gang Issues and Gang Problems
• Assess How Denial in the Community and School Settings Goes Unnoticed
• Demonstrate the Important of Police Reports Accompanied by Probation Violations

Workshop Key

Arming You with Knowledge

The workshop will help participants understand the power and influence that street gangs have in the community. There are several factors that the participant needs to understand, including the power of gangs to motivate and directly sanction criminal activity. By engaging in criminal activity, the gang takes on a momentum of its own, and creates its own culture and subculture unknown to the layman. People become fearful and are unwilling to assist law enforcement in the apprehension of criminals. Robby will help officers deal with these issues by offering a section on gang culture, influence, and involvement. Topics of note in that section include:

• Street Influences
• Gangster Rap and Hip-Hop
• Intimidation
• Bullying

• Gang Violence Between
   Rival Gangs

• Drugs and Narcotics